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Frequently Asked Questions

Your Account

How do I create an account?

To create your own Livery Live account select Join Livery Live on our website homepage; this will start your free 6 week trial. No money will be debited until the end of your trial period.

How do I pay?

Secure Payment is made via Stripe or GoCardless. Livery Live does not have access to your card or bank account details.

When will I be charged?

Payment for 1 calendar month’s subscription for the number of horses selected will be deducted the 1st day after the free 6 week trial period ends. Following payments will be debited on the same day each subsequent month to renew your subscription for a period of 1 full calendar month. E-mail confirmation of payment receipt will be sent to you by Stripe/GoCardless.

How do I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your free 6 week trial period/monthly subscription at any time. Log into your account via the website and select ‘Yard Services and Settings’ then ‘Unsubscribe' or email us at [email protected] at least 48 hours before your trial period is due to end or subscription is due to renew.

Please refer to our Terms and Conditions for full details.

Can I change the selected number of horses on my account?

Yes, please send us an email and we will change your selected number of horses.

Horses and Owners

How do I add horses and invite their owners?

Enter the horse's name, owner's name and email address, they will get an email from Livery Live inviting them to join the app.

Don’t worry if you don’t have their email address you can add it in later

How do I add a member of staff who owns a horse?

If one of your grooms owns a horse on your yard, they need to be added as a member of staff first (via settings: top right on the app, or the staff members menu on the website) then added as an existing user to the horses account (explained below).

How do I add multiple horses and owners?

Using our website:

  1. Select: 'Horses' - Left Main Menu
  2. Select: 'The Horse’s Name'
  3. Select: 'Owners'
  4. Select: 'Add New Owner' or 'Add Existing Owner'

Using our app:

  1. Select: 'Horse Icon' - Bottom of Home Screen
  2. Select: 'The Horse's Name'
  3. Select: 'Owners'
  4. Click '+' - Top Right
  5. Select: 'Add New Owner' or 'Add Existing Owner'

Services and To-Do List

How to add services and prices:

Using our website:

  1. Select: 'Yard Services and settings'
  2. Select: 'Add Service'

Using our app:

  1. Select: 'Settings' - Top Right
  2. Select: 'Services'
  3. Click '+' - Top Right

How do my horse owners ask me for an extra service?

Horse owners can request extra services through their app by clicking the blue + button on the bottom of the screen.

You will get a notification and it will come through as a ‘pending request’. You can then choose to accept/decline this request.

How do these add to the horse’s bill?

There are 2 ways of adding to a horse's bill: 'directly' and by 'completing a task'.


Select add debit within the horses billing section, then choose from your list of services (set up in the yard services and settings menu). You can also edit the price if you need to.

Completing a task

Once a task on the to-do list has been completed it automatically adds to the horse’s bill. The date shown on the bill will be the date the task was ‘marked as complete’, not when it was requested.

How can I delete a horse via the app?

If you need to delete a horse that has left your yard, simply go into 'the horse', select 'about', scroll down to the bottom and hit 'delete'.

Horse Owner Billing

How do I send my liveries their monthly invoice?

On the website go to ‘horse’ then select 'send bill'.

Use the drop down boxes to select horses and which months bill you’d like to send. The horse owner/s will get an invoice via email. You will also get a copy of this outgoing email.

This invoice will contain all of the services for that month.

How do I add payment information to the invoice?

Go to 'Yard Services and Settings' to add your yards payment details to the bill.

Can I download an invoice?

Yes, click 'Export' to download a PDF.

How do I add a regular monthly debit?

When you add a debit directly to the horse bill use the 'recurring' tick box. This is designed for things like stable rent.

How do I select which owners I want to send an invoice to when a horse has multiple owners?

On the website go into the horses profile and select ‘owners’ You can then use the edit options to select which owner/s you want to send an invoice to.

Yard Diary

What are the visibility options on the diary?

There are 3 visibility options for horse owners when adding to the diary. They can choose from:

Everyone - For public information such as arena bookings. All diary entries that are for 'everyone' to see need to be approved by a manager user.

Me and yard staff - this is for information that is private to the individual horse but the yard staff need to know. Yard staff and managers will be able to see this on the main diary and it will be shown with a padlock symbol next to it.

Only me - For private entries just for the horse owner to see.

What does the padlock on the diary mean?

A padlock symbol means that the diary entry can only be seen by the horse's owner and staff.

Can I add recurring events?

Yes, When you add a diary event we have now added a recurring option, you can select from weekly, fortnightly or monthly. You can also select an end date.

Staff Rota

How do I add to my staff rota?

On the website go to the ‘Staff Rota’ menu.

On the app go into the yard diary and select the + button. Then choose if you want to add to the yard diary or staff rota.

Here you can set up your staff rota. Use the working/not working options to plan your rota.

Grouping Horses Together

Can I create a group of horses?

Yes, within the yard services and settings menu you can create groups of horses.

A group of horses can be added to a diary event or used to filter the feed chart.

Can I create a group of horses?

Yes, and you can create as many groups as you want.

Easily add and remove horses to group in your settings menu on the app.

Feed Chart

How do I create a feed chart?

In your yard services and setting menu (on the website and app) you can add feeding times (8AM/5PM) and your feed types (types of chaff, mixes and balancers).

To add to the feed chart:

On the website select ‘feed chart’ from the left hand menu. Then select ‘edit chart’. You can then add in amounts and any notes you need to.

On the App: Go into the horse's profile and go into the feed option. Here you can add in amounts of each feed and any notes.