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Easily manage requests

Staff Rota

Organise incoming requests from horse owners.

Split by service/product and ordered by AM/PM.

Choose to accept/decline requests to add to your daily to-do list.

Grouping horses

Grouping horses

Easily create as many groups as you need.

Perfect for feed charts, calendar events and farrier visits.

Horses can be moved easily in and out of multiple groups.

Horse records

Weight Management

Record and monitor horse health.

New temperature and weight management sections.

Sits perfectly within each horse's profile.

Feed Chart Updates

Feed Chart

Set up an easy to follow chart.

Sort your feed chart into barns by using the group feature.

Easily manage feed routines for all horses.

Website Updates

New and Improved Calendar

New and Improved Calendar

Organise arena bookings and appointments.

Create recurring events.

All instantly synced to your app.

Exercise Chart

New and Improved Calendar

Training/schooling/competition livery? Use our new exercise chart to plan horses individual exercise regimes.

Assign to members of staff and add notes.

Billing overview

Use our billing overview to keep track of everything.

Use the new ‘export’ button to link to accounting packages.


Easily create and send invoices to horse owners.

‘Coming soon’

New Options in Yard Services & Settings

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