The complete app for equine yard management

The complete app for equine yard management

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Developed by award winning yard managers

Livery Live is the complete app for equine yard owners and managers. It also allows liveries more contact with their yard team for all their horse’s needs.

Livery Live allows yard owners, managers and their staff to easily communicate on all aspects of day to day yard management. This means yards run more smoothly and cost effectively.

Horse at yard
Horse at yard
Horse at yard
Horse at yard

Easily streamline your services and communications

Perfect for yards and equine facilities of all sizes, LIVERY Live lets you communicate easier and faster with staff, equine professionals and horse owners. Streamlines staff rotas, workloads, yard services, call outs, orders and payments, helping your business become more cost effective and efficient.

It's your yard in the palm of your hand
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Developed by Yard Managers for Yard Managers

Information, Secure and Staff

Livery Live gives you live time information that yard staff and liveries can see at all times.

No need to text individuals or post on social media. Livery Live is a dedicated platform for your yard staff and liveries for all notifications, changes and schedule updates.

Yards work better, when people can communicate easily, quickly and clearly.


Livery Live lets you access all yard data easily and securely, without the need to be in front of a yard book or laptop.

You can easily update and share yard and horse information so that decisions can be made at live speeds.

Livery Live lets you run an efficient, safe and successful yard from the palm of your hand.


Livery Live helps staff understand their own individual responsibilities as well as know what is happening across the yard.

The yard team can find all horse details and their individual daily diaries from wherever they are on the yard.

So no more going backwards and forwards to the whiteboard for information.


Livery Live streamlines all staff rotas, team tasks, invoicing and ordering, helping your yard run smoother, easier and more efficiently.

Livery Live helps reduce the time you spend on admin, leaving more time to focus on the people and horses in your care.

Livery Live monitors feed orders and deliveries and makes sure additional service requests from liveries are recorded and invoiced correctly.

Live animal environments are unpredictable. No matter the size of your yard, it’s important to know what’s happening at all times.